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8 Sneaky Ways To Save Money During the Week

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Updated: Feb 10 2022

You can save money even during weekdays. Most of the time, weekends are reserved for your outings and sometimes shopping. During these times you most likely prefer to obtain some sort of savings, whether it is from our purchases for children, for ourselves like hygiene products, and even groceries. But there are several ways you can quickly save even during non-weekend days if you can vigilantly try these steps. 


Here are 8 sneaky ways to save money during the week.

1. Examine Your Pantry

Chances are you throw away most of your empty containers from your pantry. Sometimes, you even get rid of extra food in your pantry. The reason is probably because you did not examine your pantry during the week. Set a schedule and examine your pantry in the morning before go out and purchasing unnecessary groceries later in the day. Your pantry examination will definitely surprise you and you may even notice reusable items (like containers) in your pantry that can help you save money.


2. Dig for Leftovers

 It is also important to dig for leftovers. You can go into your pantry and search for items that you have not finished -- some popular items could be food like dough, and pastas. Your search will lead you to have extra food that you can use as your meal for your next lunch period. Other ways you could ensure leftovers can be by intentionally making surplus or making food in larger quantities.


3. Try new recipes

If you already cook at home, you already know that cooking at home is usually less expensive than eating out.

Trying new recipes will help improve your savings because you can determine new savings in your food ingredients. On the one hand, you get to try a dish that is new you have not made or tried before. Who knows, you might even improve your skills in the kitchen.


4. Use Coupons

If you get groceries online, you can benefits from several apps and website that let you grocery shop near by. Some tools let you load discounts to your card and some go as far as personalizing coupons for you frequent purchases and provide them to you to be used for savings as you shop for groceries. 


If you are shop at a standard grocery supermarket, you might have some unique advantages that can help you save big. Explore some of the physical coupon copies for groceries that you often purchase at the grocery store

You do not have to be extremely bizzare in your couponing techniques, but you can run through the coupon copies and collect the major savings as a simple and sneaky way to save money during the week.


If you are not particular on food and cooking, there are still other ways to save money during week. 


5. Save on Gas

The gas station is great place you can sneakily save money. The savings might not be gigantic or some of the top deal, but you can definitely save and even get money on top of that savings. You can get pennies back on your gas purchase or earn back dollars when you are the gas station pump. You can learn more about finding other ways to save at the gas pump, but one way is to pre-load gas station savings into your account before going to the gas station. It will make things easier and faster for you when you present your savings at the pump. 


6. Avoid unnecessary memberships

You might have many memberships laying around that you are subscribed to but not really using. You can save greatly if you avoid the memberships you are not using. One of the most common memberships are your gym membership which is a subscription that is normally paid monthly or that contains an annual gym facility fee depending on the terms and conditions of the gym or fitness studio. You might notice that you never actually needed to pay for a membership in the first place because of your original fitness motives of starting a new workout plan to get healthier. If you did not stick with your plan and workout goals, you may be paying for memberships that have become unnecessary. You could easily take advantage of resources that are more geared towards social gatherings. You might even be more motivated to fulfill any intentions for working out through the support of your friends or colleagues, and make better and frugal purchases


7. Use other means of Transportation 

Using other meaning of transoptiotn help balance your saving during the week. Your dailly commute to various location using plenty gas resources will probably hurt your financial standing or debt status. Depending on where you live or what your work setup is like, commuting with bikes and foot might be the most resourceful. Commuting resourcefully is a sneaky but yet one of the common ways to save money.  If you want to get serious about saving, though, carpooling and public transportation are other ways to save money. Make either option more doable by introducing one or the other to your routine on a set day per week. Simple ask a friend or colleague about commuting together and bring it to their notice that it is much more resourceful. If you go the public transoportiona route you can extend your commute to mid town train and community buses at generate public stations in your town or community.


8. Shop for makeup at the drugstore

When you shop for cosmetics and beauty products, you may notice the cost of your frequently used makeup. Your beauty products are an area you can save massively if you can get them from the local drug and pharmaceutical store. At stores like  these, you might notice both the option of purchasing authentic and the option to purchase the generic beauty product.  Some options at your local pharmaceutical store might even have only  the authentic options. EIther way, it will pay you in the long run to get the same versions of cosmetics and facial products from the drugstore. 

Makeup purchases like eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick, can be greatly more affordable to buy and pick up at drug and pharmaceutical stores. With great prices, coupons, and discounts coupled with high savings, the drugstores’ costs can remain your best middle-of-the-week price that is at a fraction of the prices found at department store counters. This small change will help you sneakily save money and still look fabulous. 

We have covered an abundance of sneaky ways that you can productively save money during the week. The provided steps present both personal ways and external ways to save money. 

Some personal ways include traces of your personal purchases, and external ways that include your use of transportation and interactions with other parties. The steps we discussed above should get you prepared during the week and empower you for a more sustainable financial future.


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