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3 Tips For Planning an Event on a Tight Budget or Organizing Community Events

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Updated: Jun 25 2022

Event planning boasts a wide range of types. It might be for your first birthday party planning event or a birthday party for someone. It might be a holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even an anniversary. It could be your coworker's first celebration with you, or a dancing event -- small gathering or sometimes dancing event at a grand event hall, or your home. All of these big events (or small events) need smart planning, and keen focus on your budget.


Planning an event on a tight budget or Organizing Community Events takes time; and it takes even more time to plan an event on a tight budget or organize community events. But, never to worry, we have provided you with some major tips for planning an event on a tight budget or Organizing Community Events, and these tips will help host the perfect event without breaking the bank.


Here are 3 tips that we, as event specialists providing cost saving solutions, have compiled for you to help you save big the next time you have a gathering of at least 10 people or more! 


1. Look for deals on food & beverages


The third tip for planning an event on a tight budget or Organizing Community Events is to look for deals. 

When you are planning your event, whether you are planning a birthday party, an anniversary, or even a normal gathering at your house -- which will all entail having guests -- the time will come where you will need to provide food or beverages for your guests. Your guests have done a great job or honoring your event, and they have done their best to show up and make the party or event worthwhile. 

It is now your time to return the favor by making them happy and comfortable at the event. 

Save money on food and other beverages by finding deals in your area. You can even go as far as working out a deal with your local small business grocery shop that provides food and beverages. 

Make them understand your event type and discuss how they can supply your event at a lower cost. 

Alternatively, you can save when next you host a party by paying less for products.


2. Cut cost on venues


Booking and making reservations for an event space, area, or location requires enough funds to have a big enough space that you can a venue for event guests. 

This aspect of event spending can bring up several expenses, and it is very helpful and important to cut cost in this area.

For example, you can cut costs when planning a birthday on a budget by using your network and finding other low cost venue and locations for hosting the best party or event. 

Looking elsewhere for a hosting site will help avoid the high cost of bigger event venues and sometimes even save you from being out of luck when a big venue becomes over booked.

3. Go natural on event space


The traditional way of hosting a space for an event is to use a perfectly planned event venue. However, when you are on a tight budget, it is necessary to look into other ways you can make you event night more memorable. 

One way is to try to go natural. Host your next event in a space that is out door. I even know of some who prefer their typical home as the event space for their birthday party or event night.

Look into hosting your event at a restaurant to save money. There are plenty of spaces and corners at restaurants that can be great enough to host an event on a tight budget or Organize a Community Event. 

Find your spot and make the space memorable. The space can only become befitting enough for your event only if you make it your own.



Budgeting is a very important aspect of event planning on a budget. It gives the roadmap to cutting cost where you can and saving money on food and drinks, and even event spaces. Do not confuse a cheap event with budgeting and using your funds effectively to make your event great without overspending on the event. 

We have gone through some areas where you can save money and cut cost when event planning. 

Following these areas should equip you with enough understanding for hosting an event on a budget. 

As you follow them and save money on food, drink, and spaces by using natural provisions, you will be well on your way to hosting throwing the best party or event, even being on a tight budget.  


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