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7 Smart Wedding Budget Tips to Save Money on Your Big Day

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Updated: Feb 19 2022

Your big day might be just right around the corner. It might be here soon and you surely do not want to mess it up. There might be lots of surprises, fun comments and activities. Prior to the wedding, you can also expect unique but pleasant surprises. Some will be emotional, and some will be jubilant. Vows will be made and expectations will be met. It will be helpful to know that you might have to make several preparations, use up several sleep nights for planning and particularly major wedding purchases. 


But, never to worry, we are here for you. As you make your purchases, we are here to help particularly with your budgeting. Before you encounter surprises and unpleasantries, we have provided you with several savvy wedding budget tips that will save you money prior to and on your big day. Below, you will find 7 smart wedding budgeting tips to save you money on your big day.


1. Make a budget 

The first wedding money saving tips is to make a budget. Weddings usually involve a lot of situations and you will definitely need to get organized and create a budget plan in order to nail your wedding day. The main types of budget plans usually include a plan and the best budgets have goals. Plan out your day, and determine who and what will need to be present. By planning you ensure you effectively work on saving money on wedding. Ask yourself a few questions like what does the first day look like? Should a certain group arrive at the same time? What will the decor look like? What will extras and left overs look like? Make sure you have created and listed out your goals for the wedding that you plan to accomplish or complete. 

If you make a budget you will essentially be creating a plan for your proposed or foreseen actions. You will also be setting out goals, and these forms of planning will definitely lead you to not only budget effectively, but also budget and save money in other areas of the wedding. 


2. Save on a Venue

Saving on a venue is another one of the fantastic wedding money saving tips. It is the other significant aspect of your wedding might be having a venue if you and your significant other decide you want to go that route. You can find venues that give you a little bit more freedom. Seek out venues that can allow you to provide some of your own food and beverages. Some venues want complete control of beverages like alcohol. In this case, the venue controls the cost of providing foods and beverages, and exempt you from the provision cost. It will be more cost efficient for your wedding budget if you are the one in control of your beverages because you will be able to determine how much to provide and where and how to get your food and alcoholic beverages.


3. Extend your work 

The work you have to do in preparation of your wedding can be draining. You might even be overwhelmed with the constant pressures leading towards the big wedding day. Before your wedding, some unique wedding money saving tips to note can be designating your work to some of your friends and relatives. It might be both a time-saver and a stress-reliever. Someone can help you with some of the tasks you are already stressing over. One way you can designate the work effectively is by creating categories with guidelines. Discuss some expectations that stress how you want the food made (if there will be any), how others should look, and how communication should be handled. Your communication will defintely go a long way on the road to saving money on wedding. You can make the allocation of your work less stressful and effective by talking with the people you have in mind to assist, and by explaining to them your desired expectations for your big day. You might be surprised by their actions and the results. Here is a quick way to share product expectations with those great people.

4.  Establish your priorities.

This is a time to ensure there is proper communication with you and your partner. Establishing your priorities means you are taking the time to discuss any issues with your partner before they occur unexpectedly. You can drastically save money if you share and reflect with your significant other about wedding goals, and well, life goals together. Set your priorities together. You will be better prepared for spontaneous costs and properly ensure a better financial future.


5. DIY

If your wedding will have custom decor, or even a photo booth, it might help your budget to have some custom things made by yourself. It could be a profitable road to saving money on wedding and wedding purchases. There are a few great tools you can use to help purchase custom decor products before you begin your do it yourself projects. After you have been fully armed with your decor tools, you can get down and dirty (independently or with friends and family) and begin decorating and tuning your wedding pad, your wedding booth, or even your wedding cake. 


6. Reduce guest list size

A smart wedding budget tip to save money on your wedding day is to reduce the number of guest attendants in your venue, outdoor setting, or your wedding location. The major thing is enjoy your wedding and make it memorable. It can be you and your partner or it can be you, your partner, and a few others, or it can be both your and your partner, and hundreds of people. What the case may be, you will definitely save more money if you can reduce your guest list size. One simple way to reduce size is by planning with your partner and determining who needs an invitation versus who does not. Plan your desired wedding size and filter your guest list. It will help you through your journey to saving money on wedding. You will save money if you can reduce the size of the people you have to feed and care for in one day. Both the recipients and non-recipients will understand your spacy-occupancy needs.


7. Choose location wisely

You have the choice of conducting your wedding in a place of your choice. If you and your significant other will not be going with a venue and instead prefer to have your wedding outdoors, you surely will be helping your smart wedding budget by finding an outdoor location with a naturally beautiful setting. You might not even need so much decoration or custom decor if the setting is well armed with natural beauty. Choosing your location wisely will help you get both a wedding friendly location and save money while you’re at it.


Your big day will be full of many pleasantries or surprises, but if you can set priorities with your significant other, you can considerably save money. As you effectively maintain and stick to your budgeting plan for the wedding, you should be on your way to successfully doing your cost-saving wedding, all with major savings.

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