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7 Clever Frugal Living Tips That Will Save You Thousands Every Season

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Updated: Feb 10 2022

You can make this season about living frugal, saving, and even make some big bucks. 



Take a look at these frugal living tips.



1. Save Money While Shopping Online 


One of the biggest ways to save thousands is by looking at your shopping. Evaluate your shopping and use the available ways you can save while you shop. Some tools find the best deals for you instantly when you get to the checkout during online shopping and save money on my online purchases. Alternatively, other options allow you to upload your receipts and earn cash-back on a daily basis or turn any grocery receipt into rewards and earn cashback.⁣




2. Set Up A Budget


The easiest way to set up a budget is to use or construct a budget planner to boost your savings. If you are constructing the planner, you should note that it should help you determine the best way to spend your money while avoiding or reducing debt. As you construct your planner, you will need to determine why you are setting up a budget. Do you have a family to feed? Do you want to become financially stable or independent? These are all just brainstorming questions to ask yourself in order to construct your budget planner.




​​3.  Take A Shopping list To The Store


If you want to follow some frugal living tips to save thousands every season, it will help to create a shopping list and jot down the things you have already found to not be in your pantry. It will be reasonable to go with your list when you go shopping. In the process, try not to make impulsive purchases and actually stick to your shopping list while shopping at the store. Being disciplined enough to stick to your list shows your frugality, and helps you save thousands.




4. Water savings


You can save on water. Most water purchases involve bottled water purchases. But a water dispenser can truly go a long way. You can gain extraordinary savings by purchasing the large cans that go inside a water dispenser. There are also water filters that can be placed in your house that can reduce the need for spontaneous water shopping. Not to mention, you will also have clean water in your house that is already close to you. 




5. Do it yourself (DIY) 


There are many DIY projects that you can do to save money. Explore them and find what you love working on and save thousands in the process.




6. Savings on Household Expenses 


Saving on your household expenses is an important part of living frugally. If you look vigilantly around your home, you will notice that there can be a lot of times where you will encounter household or grocery items that appear as if they needed to be thrown in the trash. However, you will find that many of these household and grocery items can be recycled. They can be used for other things around the house or in some cases, even in your car. Try using coffee cups for other things around your home.




7. Set Up A Weekly Meal Plan


A weekly meal plan is an important way to live frugally while saving thousands. You most likely eat everyday and you have purchased meals. You can bring down your savings by creating a weekly meal plan and elaborate cost of meals, needed meals, and meals that can be eaten on certain days. This plan should help you budget better and save you money. One way that can significantly help you plan out your meals for the week is by setting up a weekly meal plan using a calendar. This will both help you get organized and save money every season.


Living frugally can take you through countless journeys and challenges as you try to save and make major earnings. However, when you dedicate yourself to maintaining your budget, using shopping list tactics, and cutting back on the little things mentioned that we normally do not think about, you will be on your way to saving thousands and eventually becoming financially free. 

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