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7 Actionable Ways to Boost Your Savings

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Updated: Dec 02 2022

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when analyzing your finances. Additionally, figuring out ways to save money every month can be quite challenging, especially if money is tight. 


However, it does not matter if you are on a tight budget, clothes, or grocery shopping frequently, these 7 actionable tips are an effective way to save more money every month.


You can boost your savings today and save more money every month. You might have thought that it never hurts to cut down on costs and to store your money in your bank account. You may think your savings are all well and good to go and that you do not have to touch -- just let it sit and allow yield positive interests.


What if you can still follow some actionable ways to boost your savings? Having savings does not only require you to open, save for emergency funds, and hope everything else goes well. It is just as important to automate your savings and invest - to name a few.


Take on the challenge of following some actionable ways to save your money.




Here are some more actionable ways to boost your savings:




1. Save and invest


We mentioned saving and investing. Investing is a supplemental way to complement your savings. Thanks to technology, you can easily measure your current financing savings and boost it by automating investments. You can use tools to invest and automate your finances.


Another form of investment is a 401k and you can allow automatic payroll contributions from your paycheck if your employer offers a 401(k)




2. Invest in health


We have all heard the phrase “health is wealth” -- well, it is. When you invest in your health you will be more liable to make proper decisions, live better and make actionable decisions towards your savings.


Investing in your health will strengthen your physical and mental health, which might help you avoid extra therapy or medical bills that might run up to thousands. 




3. Construct a budget


Avoid getting overwhelmed and construct a budget. In order to construct a budget to boost your savings, it’s important to know where your monthly spend is being used. Constructing a budget should help with Categorizing bills and setting thresholds for monthly spend is one way to keep costs under control. Additionally, tracking your spending will allow you to spot trends or the formation of bad financial habits before they escalate. You might be surprised how much you spend on unnecessary things.




4. Cut Out Unnecessary Bills


Thanks to your trusted budget, you should have a comprehensive overview of what you’re spending money on each month. If you take an honest look at your bills, you might even find there are some that can be cut loose.


There are options that let you negotiate many of the services you are using today. Your internet bills and utility bills can be sometimes be negotiated to get cheaper internet bills, if your consult your provider. Additionally, try using alternatives, one-time movie boxes that replaces subscription cable boxes 


Some unnecessary bills and utilities you can reduce are electronics that you currently or will not use now or in the near future, like your home phone or landline. If you are not using your home phone, you are just a few steps from getting rid of it and boosting your savings.




5. Quality over Quantity


Some purchases provide you with the option of quality and longer-lasting items and some options for temporary use. You can take action on your purchase decisions and boost your savings by buying quality so that you do not have to go back and spend more unnecessarily. Don't be afraid to invest in a higher quality item. Buying quantity instead of longer-lasting items can cause you to constantly pay for replacements.




6. Enjoy free trials and options


Some Companies are willing to pay loyal consumers for their business and data. As long as you are reasonable with these free options, you can easily break the boundary between being financially stable and being in debt. Ultimately, saving money every month is possible if you keep track of your finances and budget after you have maxed out your free trials and options.




7. Be Minimal


Living simple is sometimes used interchangeably with being a minimalist. Look all around your house and just declutter. Get rid of what you do not need, and think again before making another purchase of what you do not need. Embrace the things you have around you and value what you already have. 

Stacy Mitchell is a freelance multimedia journalist and content creator with in-depth experience developing and executing editorial strategy for some of the most pressing topics in finance, including, Gen Z credit literacy, and Personal finance. Contact

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